What you have here is a big old-fashioned musical that leaves the audience with a song in their heart and a tear in their eye
Jack Finlaw, Past Chair of Opera Colorado

About Us

Set in a 1900’s circus, The Awakening of Angel DeLuna is the romantic story of a trapeze duo whose lives take a turn after a tragic fall.

Returning again 30 years later disguised as a clown, Ollie must find his way back into Angel’s heart as her carousel world comes crashing down around her.

This heartwarming new musical will remind you why the human spirit is undefeatable and love is worth every risk.

Show History

  • Full Equity Production Invited Work
  • The New York Musical Theatre Festival
  • The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre
    at The Pershing Square Signature Center
  • New York, NY
  • Equity Staged Reading
  • The Dramatist's Guild
  • 1501 Broadway, Suite 701
  • New York, NY
Magic was in the air. The show had an uplifting message combining hope with the excitement of a circus. The music was so unforgettable that I still can’t get it out of my mind.
Max Rossman, Cherry Hills Theatre

What Do They Say?

I found the story both strong and affecting with a simplicity that’s both rare and hard to achieve (which is probably why it’s rare). A sweet and refreshing innocence pervades the whole. And one can almost smell the sawdust.

Vaudeville and Circus Blogger, Trav S.D (NYC 2013)

I believe deeply in the necessity of the new musical and this piece really does have great commercial appeal while still holding all the integrity of good art. This is a very worthy endeavor.

Tracy Bersley, Professor of Drama at Princeton and Julliard

I had…a wonderful and unexpected experience …The Awakening of Angel DeLuna. Magic was in the air. The show had an uplifting message combining hope with the excitement of a circus. The music was so unforgettable that I still can’t get it out of my mind. The show is destined for greatness

Max Rossman, Cherry Hills Theatre

I found Angel DeLuna beautiful, nostalgic and heartwarming - a simple story with a melodic score that draws you in and touches the heart - a piece that resonates in the best traditions of the American Musical.

Larry Hochman, Tony Award-winning Orchestrator

What you have here is a big old fashioned musical that will leave the audience with a song in its heart and a tear in its eye! Congratulations on a bright and very enjoyable production!

Jack Finlaw, Director of Theatres for the city of Denver


Listen Along As You Read!


The Awakening of Angel DeLuna opens on The DeLuna Family Circus in 1903, complete with an ensemble of performers, clowns and a legendary aerial act, the young Angelina DeLuna and her beloved partner Monticello Tortoni. At the climax of their act, their hands miss their grip, and Angel falls to the floor in front of a stunned audience. Papa DeLuna throws Monty out of the circus, and is told never to return.

Thirty years later we find Monty warming his hands by a trash can fire in a depression era hobo camp. A chance meeting with a Mike, who is en route to the circus for a job, alerts Monty that the DeLuna Circus is now owned by his old nemesis Deuce, the circus magician. Monty recalls that tragic day, wondering what has become of his beloved Angel DeLuna and decides to return to the circus disguised as a hobo clown, to see if he can rekindle their love.

As he arrives at the circus, Monty is warned by Angel's nephew Fred never to mention Angel's accident or her ex-partner, Monty. He adopts the name Ollie Blatsky and takes a job as a hobo clown. Ollie discovers that for thirty years Angel has run the DeLuna family's Center of the Universe carousel, confiding in the brass angels stationed on the roof above, while tending to the painted carousel animals below. He learns that time spent in a coma after her fall altered Angel; she now talks to the angels as though they are real and has her own peculiar view of her tragic fall and of Monty's departure.

Without her knowledge, Deuce has plotted to sell off Angel's carousel to an auction house, kicking Angel out onto the streets of the Great Depression when her contract expires on her upcoming birthday - This Sunday! Having recognized Ollie as Monticello in disguise, Deuce demands that Ollie keep Angel from interfering at the carousel or Deuce will unmask him to everyone.

Thinking quickly, Ollie convinces Angel that the carousel is just being taken apart for a deep cleaning.

Young Fred, Angel's nephew, is about to become a father, and is worried about, well, just about everything!

Angel overhears that there's a 'big surprise' for her birthday. She stays up all night decorating the carousel, finally falling asleep on the park bench. A mysterious stranger arrives at the carousel while Angel sleeps.

A flashlight awakens her. In a sleepy exchange, she mistakes Mike (who's shown up to dismantle the carousel) for the Archangel Michael, believing he's there to send her flying back into the arms of her Monty once more. She is convinced that a miracle will soon occur, and awaits a sign from her angels.

Angel tries to convince a skeptical Ollie (Monty) that she actually met the Archangel MICHAEL.

Ollie, Mike and Deuce agree to convince Angel into thinking that the carousel is just being taken apart for a deep cleaning.

Late at night Angel enters the Big Top and remembers the days of her youth with Monty - as Ollie (Monty) watches her unseen.

Ollie declares his love for Angel, in hopes that she will come away with him before she realizes that her beloved carousel will never be coming back.

Working alone, Freddy discovers golden hearts hidden inside each of the carousel animals, placed there years ago by the carousel's creator. Deuce finds out about the secret treasure and bribes Freddy with a new trailer in exchange for his silence while Deuce steals the hearts away.

As Mike and Freddie start to dismantle the carousel, Angel reacts. END ACT 1

ACT 2 opens atop the partially dismantled carousel on Angel's birthday. She sings.

Freddy owns up to Mike about the golden hearts. Mike shares the legend of the carousel – and that the hearts would prove it is a priceless masterpiece. Together they plot to get the hearts back from Deuce.

Ollie tries to reveal his true identity to Angel, who won't hear of it.

Freddy brags to Angel that he's getting a bigger trailer for his work. Angel notes that there aren't any vacancies, and Freddy then realizes that his trailer will come from Angel's expulsion. Angel is increasingly worried about her future while Freddie consoles her.

Mike and Fred sneak up on Deuce, who is busily planning his getaway with the stolen Golden Hearts.

Mike and Fred lasso Deuce and in the process locate Papa DeLuna's original will, and Fred discovers he was the rightful heir to the circus all along. He sings.

The carousel finally disappears as Mike removes the last stars and angels.

Ollie's courting of Angel has failed to protect her from heartbreak as she watches her carousel slowly disappear. Angel crumbles while Ollie tries to put things in perspective.

Angel rushes to the Circus tent and starts climbing the ladder up to the trapeze. Desperate, Ollie finally reveals who he really is, but she doesn't believe him. Angel is still waiting for her miracle. Ollie collapses.

As Ollie lays motionless under the ladder, Angel finally realizes who he really is. She rushes down to her beloved Monty, slips his heart pill into his mouth... Nothing. She pleads desperately with the Angels to save his life. Cradling his lifeless body, she sings.

Ollie awakens, and they share a tender moment, vowing to marry and retire to the seashore. They leave hand in hand, together forever again.

As they exit, Mike enters and leaves a golden heart for Angel at the bench. Angel returns once more, to get Monty's forgotten hobo pack, and finds the birthday gift from Mike, just missing the sight of Mike's beautiful wings as he exits. Alone on stage, Angel sings the lesson she has finally remembered... “So whatever fortune you may hold, all that matters is your Heart of Gold.”

Heart of Gold

“So whatever fortune you may hold, all that matters is your Heart of Gold.”

The Music



Judylynn Schmidt Book & Lyrics
Lee Ellis Music & Lyrics

Our Vision

After more than a dozen years of development, equity and non-equity readings and workshops, culminating in an award winning run at the new york musical theatre festival, the creative team of the Awakening of Angel Deluna is excited about producing our angel as a feature film!

Click here to read all about it and download the PDF

The show brings to life a powerful love story happening inside of the magical world of vintage circus. It has everything you dream of when you go see musical theater; gorgeous music, beautiful theatrical spectacle, and a story that will touch your heart.
West Hyler, Director, 2013 NYMF Production